Greece, Athens International Airport started project for 16MW photovoltaic power plant

The Athens International Airport administration started project of new 16 MW self-production and self-consumption photovoltaic park , reported

It will be the largest self-generation unit in Greece, which will produce approximately 45% of the airport company’s annual consumption. This corresponds to 27 500 MW/h per year, which is equivalent to the consumption of 6 650 households. 

By 2046 from the operation of the new 16 MW facility, 71 500 tons of CO2 will be removed an amount equivalent to a forest equivalent to the area of ​​the airport (16,000 acres). The project is part of the dynamic sustainable development strategyof Athens International Airport

Completion of the next phase in 2025 estimated at an additional 45 MW of PV which will ensure the production of 100% of airport energy needs for each year until 2046, maximizing self-consumption using battery storage units. The airport has already submitted the relevant applications both to the RAE and to other competent agencies.

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