Greece and Bulgaria to cooperate for intermodal transport corridor

Greece and Bulgaria are creating an intermodal transport corridor between the Aegean and Black seas. A road and rail link is expected to increase the volume of cargo to the ports of both countries.

This project will create a land link between the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Danube. The ports of Thessaloniki and Kavala become the entrance for the transfer of goods from Europe to Bulgaria and Romania, which significantly increases the interest of investors in the road and railway connection between the Aegean and the Black Sea, stressed Greek Transport Minister Costas Karamanlis.

Against the background of the changing transport and energy map of Europe, this project will provide an opportunity for the rapid recovery of Ukraine

Hristo Alexiev, Bulgarian Minister of Transport

The two countries will create a joint company to manage the project and jointly apply for European funding, the two transport ministers agreed at the meeting in Athens. The project will lead to a reduction in transport charges and travel time.

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