Bulgarian seeks opportunities for Greek investments and innovation at Thessaloniki Fair

Bulgarian Minister of Economy, Bogdan Bogdanov, engaged in discussions to attract Greek investments in renewable energy sources (RES) near industrial zones and energy storage facilities in Bulgaria. The talks also revolved around the expansion of trade in petroleum products. These significant deliberations took place during meetings in Thessaloniki with prominent Greek investors, as officially announced by the Ministry of Economy.

This pivotal exchange unfolded within the framework of the 87th Thessaloniki International Fair, where Bulgaria holds the distinction of being the guest of honor for the year. A high-level government delegation, headed by Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and featuring the participation of 60 Bulgarian companies and organizations from diverse sectors, graced the event.

Minister Bogdanov highlighted the importance of Bulgaria’s presence at this influential international forum, emphasizing that it offers extensive opportunities and prospects for collaboration across a wide spectrum of domains. While Bulgaria’s primary focus at the Thessaloniki fair centers on high technology, innovation, and education, the event also showcases companies representing energy, trade, logistics, and construction sectors.

During the productive meetings with key figures from the Greek business community, it was evident that substantial investments are on the horizon for commercial parks. Additionally, there are plans to establish new commercial outlets in Bulgaria specifically for Greek companies, an initiative poised to create fresh employment opportunities.

Minister Bogdanov delved into possibilities for deepening collaboration in the realm of innovation with representatives from Alexander Innovation Zone SA, the entity responsible for overseeing a Greek government project aimed at transforming Thessaloniki into an innovation hub.

The Thessaloniki Fair also served as the platform for the unveiling of two noteworthy projects. The first project involves the entry of Bulgarian company “Dronamics” into the Greek market with cargo flights. The second project, the Endurosat program, intends to launch a satellite constellation into low orbit. This undertaking promises extensive potential for the development of cutting-edge technologies, specifically in the fields of security, environmental surveillance, and early disaster and accident prevention.

The year 2023 sees Greece ranking as the third-largest source of foreign direct investment in Bulgaria. Notably, Greek companies have invested a substantial sum of 300 million euros in Bulgaria since the beginning of this year, according to data provided by the Ministry of Economy.

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