Bulgaria and Greece will be connected by a new 400 kV power line this summer

The Electricity System Operator (ESO) announced to Economic.bg that the new 400 kV intersystem power line between Bulgaria and Greece is expected to commence commercial operation by the end of this summer.

The power line, which spans from the “Maritsa Iztok” to the “Nea Santa” substations, has already been energized, and the 72-hour tests for power transmission are currently underway. With a total length of 151 kilometers, the power line stretches 122 kilometers within Bulgarian territory and 29 kilometers within Greek territory.

The construction of the 122-kilometer Bulgarian section began in early 2020 and was completed in 2021 by the electricity system operator. However, the Greek section has only recently been finalized.

On Bulgarian territory, the power line route passes through the municipalities of Simeonovgrad, Haskovo, Kardjali, Momchilgrad, and Kirkovo. In 2015, the ESO and the Greek independent transmission operator signed a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate its construction.

This connection will strengthen the 400 kV network in the region, significantly enhancing the capacity for electricity exchange between the two countries. It will also facilitate the utilization of electricity generated from renewable sources in Northeastern Greece and Southern Bulgaria. Moreover, the project increases the net capacity for commercial exchange at the Bulgarian-Greek and Bulgarian-Turkish borders, thereby fostering market integration, competition, and system flexibility.

As part of the North-South corridor, this new power line represents one of the five projects of common European interest under the Connecting Europe Facility. The European Commission has approved funding of BGN 58 million for the project, which has a total budget of BGN 116 million. The remaining half of the funds will be provided by ESO.

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