The Greek government will grant electricity subsidies for household consumers for over 32.2 million euros in November

The Greek Ministry of the Environment and Energy is set to provide a state subsidy exceeding 32.2 million euros for electricity to be distributed to households and farmers in November, as reported by the Greek agency ANA-MPA.

The subsidy equates to 2.5 cents per kW/h, deducted from the electricity bills of household consumers. This marks an increase compared to the previous month and amounts to 25 euros per MW/h for monthly consumption up to 500 kW/h. This assistance will benefit 90 percent of households in Greece.

Vulnerable households will receive 60 euros per megawatt-hour, with the state covering 100 percent of the increase in electricity tariffs. Farmers will receive 25 euros per MW/h, representing an increase in the subsidy compared to October.

Importantly, this subsidy is not contingent upon income criteria and applies to both primary and additional housing.

Greece’s state electricity company, DEI, raised its primary electricity tariff by 10 percent for the first time in five months, while other suppliers implemented increases of 20-30 percent. As a result, the average nominal value of electricity bills for November is 18 percent higher than in October, according to the “Naftemboriky” website.

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