Greece to invests 163 million Euro in a new pipeline to transport hydrogen

A new 160-kilometer pipeline, with a budget of 163 million euro will ensure the smooth transition of the Central and Western Macedonia regions into the decarbonization era, providing access to natural gas to new areas and users and enabling the regions to play a leading role in the clean energy era.

This is the first pipeline in Greece and one of the first at the European level capable of transporting up to 100 per cent hydrogen. It aligns with Greece’s Gas Transmission System Operator DESFA’s strategy for the development of the hydrogen market and the national strategy for decarbonising the energy system.

As the new pipeline is the first in Greece and one of the first in Europe designed as 100 per cent ready for the transport of hydrogen, DESFA, not only further strengthens the energy interconnection of these regions, but starting from West Macedonia also creates an energy infrastructure ready to play a central role to the country’s future energy system, with multiple benefits for the area

Maria Rita Galli, CEO of DESFA

More particularly, the new pipeline enables the production of green gases such as bio methane and hydrogen, creating new investment and job opportunities in the region, while further diversifying and strengthening the security of supply of Greece with sustainable energy

Maria Rita Galli, CEO of DESFA

The natural gas pipeline, along with its branches, will traverse the Central and Western Macedonia regions.

The project is expected to greatly enhance the growth of Central and Western Macedonia, play a crucial role in the economic stability of local communities and lead to the creation of new indirect and direct employment opportunities through the attraction of new investments to the region.

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