Greece forges alliances to drive offshore wind farm advancements

With expanded business alliances and strategic partnerships, the offshore wind farms in Greece are poised to make significant progress. Leading the way, Kopelouzos and GEK TERNA have joined forces to conduct comprehensive research studies for pilot projects in Alexandroupolis. These ambitious projects, with capacities of 216 MW and 485 MW respectively, aim to demonstrate the immense potential of offshore wind energy in the region. To further strengthen the initiative, Motor Oil and a reputable foreign company with expertise in offshore wind farm installation are set to participate. Together, these collaborations will pave the way for groundbreaking developments in Greece’s renewable energy sector.

What sets these projects apart is their unique positioning outside the competitive process. Alexandroupoli’s designated sea zone, encompassing the Regional Unit of Evros and the north-northeast of Samothraki, has been legally designated to host pilot projects with a total capacity of up to 600 MW. This forward-thinking approach allows for streamlined implementation and faster progress, aligning with the European Union’s guidelines for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) First Choice Areas. By following special fast-track licensing procedures, Greece aims to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable energy solutions while attracting further investments and expertise from the global offshore wind industry.

While the initial pilot projects led by Kopelouzos and GEK TERNA will operate outside the competitive process, it is important to note that the subsequent development of offshore wind farms will be determined through competitive procedures. To ensure fair and efficient selection, the specific details and height limitations of these future projects will be decided in accordance with established guidelines. However, the current estimated cost of installing an offshore wind farm stands at approximately €25 million per megawatt (MW). As the global installed capacity of offshore wind doubles, market estimates suggest a potential cost reduction of around 20%. With Greece’s active participation in the renewable energy market and the rapid global advancement of offshore wind technologies, investors predict a significant drop in costs by the time the first wind farms are installed in the country.

In conclusion, Greece’s offshore wind industry is gaining momentum through strategic alliances, pioneering pilot projects, and a strong commitment to renewable energy development. By leveraging the expertise and resources of leading companies like Kopelouzos, GEK TERNA, and Motor Oil, Greece aims to unlock the vast potential of its coastal regions for offshore wind energy production. With a designated sea zone, favorable legislative frameworks, and high investment interest, Greece is poised to become a key player in the global offshore wind sector, contributing to a more sustainable and greener future.

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