Greece power cable link to central Europe advances

The ambitious “Green Aegean” initiative, spearheaded by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is making significant strides towards its goal of transporting renewable energy from the Eastern Mediterranean and Egypt to Europe’s major energy consumption hubs. With its initial presentation at a summit last March, the project is now advancing into a crucial phase of development. ADMIE, the implementing body, has initiated dialogues with Germany, a major energy consumer in Europe striving for greater sustainability and independence from Russian and fossil fuel sources. Seeking inclusion in the new Projects of Common Interest (PCI) list, the initiative aims to secure funding and licensing for this transformative endeavor. In parallel, preparatory talks with involved nations, including a positive response from Germany, are underway, signaling growing support for the plan.

The foundational scenario outlines an impressive 3 GW transmission capacity for green energy, set to expand to 6 GW and eventually 9 GW in subsequent phases. The envisioned routes encompass both land and undersea connections, with a terrestrial link spanning around 1,300 km through the Western Balkans, terminating in Germany, Poland, or Austria. Alternatively, an undersea cable originating in Greece would traverse Albania and Slovenia, connecting to Austria and southern Germany via an overland route. This initiative not only strengthens energy security but also aligns with Europe’s transition towards sustainable energy sources.

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