Greece to launch 200mln EUROS energy storage subsidy scheme

The Greek government is opening for submissions in April a new subsidy programme targeting the installation of small solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and batteries in the residential and agricultural segments.

With a budget of EUR 200 million (USD 217.5m), the programme will enable households and farmers to install up to 10.8 kW of PV capacity and 10.8 kWh of battery storage, Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas announced. While batteries are a required component for residential owners, farmers will have the option to install just a solar power generation array.

Under the plan, households will be able to seek funding to cover up to 75% of the costs needed to install PV panels at auxiliary building areas or mount them atop their dwellings, whereas farmers will receive support for up to 60%. The individual subsidy to be granted can be a maximum of EUR 16,000 for households and EUR 10,000 for farmers.

The financial support will depend on the income level of the applicants. Some EUR 35 million of the budget’s total amount is earmarked for projects by vulnerable households. A special bonus will be offered for physically disadvantaged people, single parents and families with many children.

The scheme will be backed with funding from Greece’s Recovery and Resilience Facility. A guide to the programme is available on the Ministry’s website.

According to the government’s estimates, beneficiaries of the scheme will lower their electricity bills by up to EUR 3,000 per year.

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