Eco Wave Power to design wave energy technology for Greece

Eco Wave Power Global AB has entered into an agreement with Rogan Associates SA to use the port of Heraklion in Greece to design its wave energy technology, the company said in a statement.

The agreement was signed after an official visit of representatives from Rogan Associates and Heraklion Port Authority to Eco Wave Power’s newest wave energy project (the EWP-EDF One project) in the Port of Jaffa in Israel. The EWP-EDF One project at the Port of Jaffa marks the first time that Israel’s electrical grid will receive power generated by the waves.

It was our absolute pleasure to host the representatives from Rogan Associates and Heraklion Port Authority at our EWP-EDF One wave energy power station at the Port of Jaffa, as a first step towards our exciting collaboration in Greece. This collaboration is an exciting and encouraging sign that Greece is ready to embrace the untapped potential of wave energy right on their coast.

Inna Braverman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eco Wave Power.

What is most impressive about Eco Wave Power’s technology is its simplicity. The design is modular, scalable, and efficient, making it an easy match for most – if not every – port and breakwater. Wave energy should become a more significant part of Greece’s renewable energy mix, and this collaboration between Eco Wave Power and Rogan Associates is a great first step in making that vision a reality.

Emmanouil Tsiplostefanakis, Director of Technical Works and Environment from Heraklion Port Authority

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