Hungary and Azerbaijan with a gas connection guaranteeing supplies to Central Europe

Hungary and Azerbaijan have established a significant gas connection that guarantees the seamless flow of fuel from Transcaucasia to Central Europe. This development was announced by the press center of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following his meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, as reported by TASS.

President Aliyev’s visit to Budapest coincided with Hungary’s national holiday, St. Stephen’s Day. The discussions between Orbán and Aliyev primarily revolved around energy supply matters.

Southern Gas Corridor to Central Europe

This year, Azerbaijan will be supplying 100 million cubic meters of natural gas. Furthermore, an agreement has been reached to store an additional 50 million cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas within Hungary. This establishes a tangible physical connection between the two nations for the efficient transmission of natural gas.

stated a spokesperson for the Hungarian Prime Minister.

The collaboration between Hungary’s energy company, MVM CEEnergy, and Azerbaijan’s national company, SOCAR, culminated in a contract signed in Baku on June 2. This agreement stipulates the delivery of 100 million cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas to Hungary by year-end.

Anticipated future prospects entail a growth in delivered volumes, projected to reach 1-2 billion cubic meters annually. Concurrently, the two companies have also formalized an arrangement for the storage of 50 million cubic meters of gas within Hungary.

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