The Hungarian company MVM will buy gas from the Turkish “Botash”

Hungarian energy conglomerate, MVM, has entered into an agreement to purchase approximately 300 million cubic meters of natural gas from the Turkish energy company, Botas, as reported by BTA.

This strategic agreement is a key component of the government’s broader initiative aimed at enhancing national energy self-sufficiency. This step is designed to enhance energy security and stabilize gas prices in light of the ongoing international energy crisis triggered by conflicts and sanctions.

Zoltan Kovacs, the spokesperson for the Hungarian government

The proposed acquisition was reached during the visit of Turkish President Recep Erdogan to Hungary last Sunday, and further details are anticipated to be finalized by the year’s end, according to Kovacs.

A statement from Botas characterized this deal as a “pioneering agreement,” marking the first instance in which Turkey has agreed to export gas to a non-neighboring nation. The agreement is expected to contribute to the bolstering of European energy supply security.

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