International forum on energy capacities will be held in Sofia

International forum “Perspectives and technologies in energy capacities” 2023-2027 will be held in Sofia on November 28, 2022. This was announced by the organizers from the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum, Chamber of Energy Communities in Bulgaria, Agency for Sustainable Energy Development, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce “Smart Grids”.

This is the first conference of its kind on a topic related to the topic of energy communities in the country, a few days before the synchronization of the Bulgarian legislation and introduction of changes in the Law on energy from renewable sources, the transposition of directive 2018/2001 – to promote the use of energy from renewable sources, the announcement states.

All important topics, legal mechanisms for implementation, technologies, the synergy of Bulgarian institutions together with private business and consumers for the realization of the goals in connection with the integrated plan in the field of energy and climate of Bulgaria for 2021-2030 will be affected.

The discussion aims to identify the priority issues that society and institutions must solve in the coming months to ensure the rapid development of renewable energy communities and civil energy communities, as well as the most favorable energy user association models for the country .

The event features the leading experts from various fields related to the energy communities, who together will outline the joint path of development on these topics.

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