The ProCredit group opened its own solar park in Kosovo

The ProCredit Group launched ProEnergy, its own solar PV park, in Lipjan near Pristina, Kosovo. This 3 MWp photovoltaic park, implemented through a collaboration between ProCredit Bank Kosovo and ProCredit Holding, aims to transform Kosovo’s energy landscape, foster local expertise, and attract private investment. It also signifies a crucial milestone in the ProCredit Group’s journey toward climate neutrality. The park, costing around EUR 2.5 million and owned by a banking group, is expected to generate 3,711 MWh annually, potentially supplying electricity to about 450 households. By championing renewable energy, ProCredit Group contributes to Kosovo’s energy transition from coal-fired power plants, which accounted for 90% of the country’s electricity generation in 2022.

The ProEnergy project exemplifies the ProCredit Group’s commitment to impact-oriented actions, striving to stabilize and environmentally transform the regions it operates in. Additionally, it serves as a significant step toward achieving the Group’s own climate targets. Since 2018, when the Group pledged carbon neutrality, its emissions have been reduced by nearly 50%. The newly inaugurated photovoltaic plant in Kosovo is in the process of obtaining Gold Standard certification, and its clean energy production will considerably offset the Group’s Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions in the future. The ProCredit Group is dedicated to promoting climate protection, assisting clients with transition plans, and contributing to the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement.

As of March 2023, green loans comprised 20.2% of the ProCredit Group’s loan portfolio, totaling EUR 1.2 billion. These loans support investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other green initiatives. Notably, one-third of the disbursed loans have been directed toward renewable energy projects, financing 1,370 photovoltaic installations with a total investment of nearly EUR 370 million. The ProCredit Group continues to prioritize green loans and plans to expand their share in the total portfolio to 25% in the medium term.

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