Kosovo A Thermal Power Plant 140 MW Unit Resumes Production After One Year Halt

The 140 megawatt A-5 unit of Kosovo’s largest thermal power plant, Kosovo-A, resumed operations after being idle for nearly a year, the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) said.

Following regular trial tests, Unit A-5 returned to operation at around 11:50 a.m. on May 6 and was synchronised with the grid, KEK said in a statement on Sunday.

In April, local media reported that KEK ex-head Nagip Krasniqi was arrested for acting in violation of public procurement rules by awarding Swiss company Litwin a 3.5 million euro ($3.86 million) contract for repairs of the unit’s turbine. Krasniqi was charged with abuse of authority, exercise of influence and conflict of interest.

The A-5 unit was shut down in July 2022 for regular maintenance.

Repairs at the Kosova B thermal power plant are proceeding according to schedule, KEK also said. The overhaul of unit B-2 started on April 16 and is expected to be completed after three months when the three-month overhaul of unit B-1 is planned to begin.

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