North Macedonia experiences problems with power generation

The last block 1 in REC Bitola disconnected from the power grid on 05.01 and there was malfunction in Oslomej. Although there were announcements that the three units in REC Bitola would be in operation and that the thermal power plant Negotino would be fully operational these announcements have not yet been fulfilled and the failures have become more frequent.

Such developments in the energy system in Zemajva are expected considering the age of the stations energy experts point out and add that due to their age, significantly more care is needed, without which they cannot work for a long period of time.

Without modernization and regular maintenance units cannot operate for a longer period. But no serious efforts are made to make units work in the long run. We see that there are frequent failures, certain parts are repaired then another parts fail so the newly broken parts will have to be repaired. The authorities promised that from this fall all facilities would work, but this did not materialize. Only block 2 operates at full capacity in REK Bitola. The first block often breaks down while the third is still waiting for the new transformer. On the other hand TPP Negotino is operating at half capacity it cannot be put into full operation

Konstantin Dimitrov, university professor

Dimitrov emphasizes that in a situation where the capacities are not prepared to work during the winter, it is expected that there will be outages. 

We hope that no major malfunctions will occur but human errors can also occur it is expected that certain errors will occur when working under pressure. But of course we hope that there will be no major outbursts. On the other hand suspicions have grown that such outages or interruptions in work are done deliberately to buy more electricity although there is no logic. However it is real that certain traders get rich from imports but this is another conspiracy theory in situations where the situation is not crystal clear

Konstantin Dimitrov, university professor

That the maintenance of the units plays a key role in their work and longevity, Professor Risto V. recently emphasized from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at UKIM

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