SA Energocom, under the leadership of Director Victor Bânzari, Secures New Gas Suppliers for Moldova

SA Energocom, the leading energy company in Moldova, has successfully concluded its first gas procurement auction for the upcoming summer season. Director Victor Bânzari unveiled the exciting news during a recent press conference. The company has entered into contracts with two new gas suppliers, one of which is the Greek company DEPA COMMERCIAL SA. The second company, though undisclosed for security reasons, has also presented a competitive offer.

DEPA COMMERCIAL SA, a Greek company, was attracted to Moldova following a visit by Minister of Energy Victor Parlicov to Athens. The price formula proposed by DEPA COMMERCIAL SA is based on the FTT reference price along with a transport coefficient to Moldova.

The unnamed company, whose identity remains confidential, has likewise submitted a compelling offer closely aligning with Energocom’s expectations. The prices offered by both companies are linked to the stock market, and the gas will be transported to the borders of Moldova, with some quantities being stored in Ukraine.

Director Victor Bânzari emphasized that the acquired gas quantities will primarily cater to the current consumption needs of the population, with a possibility of a small portion being stored. Currently, Moldova has approximately 100 million cubic meters of gas in storage facilities located in Ukraine and Romania. The most recent gas purchase was made on January 19.

SA Energocom’s successful gas procurement marks a crucial step towards securing a stable and reliable energy supply for Moldova, ensuring the well-being of its citizens and the smooth functioning of various industries.

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