Moldova no longer needs Russian natural gas

Moldova no longer receives Russian natural gas and does not tolerate the “blackmail” of the Russian gas giant “Gazprom” when it has difficulties with payments, commented the energy minister of the former socialist republic Viktor Parlikov, quoted by Reuters.

He explained to TV8 that starting in December 2022, Gazprom supplies gas only to the breakaway region of Transnistria. The self-proclaimed republic does not pay for the gas – neither before nor now, the Moldovan Minister of Energy explains. According to him, “Gazprom” began to threaten Chisinau with the suspension of supplies at the slightest delay with the aim of extortion.

Reuters specifies that the gas bills paid by businesses and households in Transnistria are directed to a special “gas account”, which, however, goes to cover the budget deficit of the breakaway region. According to Moldova’s calculations, its gas bill amounts to “billions of dollars”. Moldovagaz’s debts are estimated at just over 700 million dollars, but the company requested an international audit to determine whether this amount was correctly determined by Gazprom.

Chisinau is highly dependent on electricity supplies from Transnistria, produced precisely from natural gas supplied by Gazprom.

Moldova managed to guarantee gas supplies through the EU with the help of a 300 million euro loan granted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The country receives part of the gas through the territory of Bulgaria – through the gas connection IGB, through which mainly gas from Azerbaijan enters our country.

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