Republic of Moldova approves new regulations to receive gas of non-Russian origin

The Government of Republic of Moldova has approved new regulations for the smooth operation of gas transport. According to Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, with the approval of these regulations new gas transport possibilities will be created to the Republic of Moldova but also to Ukraine, including through the trans-Balkan pipeline, according to

In the current situation when natural gas flows through the national gas transport system are no longer unidirectional, but in both directions, both from East to West and from West to East, the backhaul gas transport service represents the technical solution to ensure the continuity of gas supplies to consumers.

Constantin Borosan, State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The transport of gas in backhaul mode will increase the attractiveness of the national transport system for European traders and suppliers which intend to form gas stocks in Ukraine and with the increase in the volume of natural gas transited through the national transport system, premises will be created for the reduction the transport tariff, which will reduce costs for citizens.

The decision of the Government in Chisinau was also welcomed by Ukrainian gas operators which noted that now for Ukrainian service customers there is an opportunity to transport gas of non-Russian origin – from LNG terminals in Greece and Turkey or mine gas from Azerbaijan, but also for gas storage delivered to Ukrainian warehouses. Recently Moldova signed an agreement for cooperation, transportation and accession was signed between Bulgaria Bulgartransgaz EAD and Moldova gas operator Energocom. A contract for creating a virtual trade point was made for purchase and sale of natural gas.

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