Moldova imported natural gas from Slovakia

For first time Moldova started using its gas pumps in reverse mode and imported gas from Slovakia.  This was announced by Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu, quoted by Reuters. This comes as a fresh breath for Moldova’s energy dependance on Russian gas and showed ability of its network supply gas from places other than Russia as the country faces growing supply problems.

Moldova depends on Russian natural gas supplied by Gazprom and it is now facing halved supply threatening its ability to provide enough electricity for its 2.5 million people. Spinu also said that the Moldovan company Energocom bought 5 million cubic meters of blue fuel from Slovakia, likening the purchase to a step towards greater energy independence.

what at first sight should have destroyed us, made us stronger

Andrei Spinu, Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova

Recently Moldova signed also an agreement with Bulgaria for cooperation, transportation and accession which again aims to diversify its gas imports.

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