Moldova receives gas from Azerbaijan via Bulgaria

Moldova receives Azerbaijani gas through the territory of Bulgaria, commented Bulgarian President Rumen Radev during a discussion dedicated to the adoption of the euro . Deliveries take place via the IGB gas connection and the Trans-Balkan pipeline. Since 2019, with the commissioning of “Balkan Stream”, the capacity of the gas pipeline is free and it works in reverse mode.

According to Radev, from December 2022 until now, more than 200 million cubic meters of gas from Azerbaijan have already been delivered to Moldova via this route.

At the beginning of February, the Speaker of the Parliament of Moldova, Igor Grossu, announced that an agreement had been reached for the supply of Azerbaijani gas through the Romanian Romgaz from April 1, 2023, according to Radio Moldova, but without giving more details about the volume of supplies, which strengthens Bulgaria’s position. as a distribution point for gas flows in the region, only this time from south to north.

There is still potential on this route – liquefied gas can also be supplied from various sources along it, especially after the commissioning of the terminal near Alexandroupolis and after the possibility of using the capacity of the Turkish terminals in the Mediterranean Sea. On this route, liquefied gas can also be delivered to Ukraine.

The operator of the gas transmission network of Ukraine – GTSOU, announced at the beginning of February about the virtual import of gas from Europe via Moldova. The company has also started a process to unify the gas specification standard at the end of 2022 to open the supply route.

The Trans-Balkan Gas Pipeline supplied gas from Russia through Ukraine, Moldova and Romania to the Balkan Peninsula. The distribution was carried out on the territory of Bulgaria, including to the largest market of “Gazprom” in the region – Turkey. With the entry into operation of “Turkish Stream”, this route is not operated.

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