The Republic of Moldova is building high voltage lines to ensure stable connections with Romania

Connections to Romania are being established through the construction of the Vulcănești-Chișinău high-voltage line, which circumvents the Moldovan power plant in the Transnistrian region. Additionally, resources from the Republic of Moldova have already been allocated for the Balti-Suceava line, and a feasibility study is currently underway for the construction of the Străseni-Iași power line. These announcements were made by the Minister of Energy, Victor Parlicov, during the Romanian Energy Symposium held from September 11 to 13 in Bucharest.

According to the Minister, other options are under consideration to create at least three lines that would ensure the stable operation of the continental integrated energy system, ENTSO-E. All these projects are scheduled for completion before 2030.

It’s worth noting that the 400 kV aerial power line Vulcănești – Chișinău, as per the technical project, spans a total length of 157 kilometers, passing through localities in eight districts, from the south to the center of the country, starting in Vulcănești and ending in Chișinău.

This project is both significant and impressive, as a similar undertaking has not been carried out in the Republic of Moldova over the last three decades. The Vulcănești-Chisinau high-voltage line comprises approximately 500 pylons and three types of poles. For the construction of this line with a three-phase system (featuring three conductors per phase), over 1,500 kilometers of conductors or 1,900 tons will be utilized. Furthermore, 157 kilometers of optical fiber with 36 fibers each will ensure secure and rapid data transmission.

The technical project for the construction of this line is currently undergoing verification and expertise within the State Service for the Verification and Expertise of Projects and Constructions.

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