Moldova’s Energocom secures gas supply contracts with European traders

Moldova’s Energocom is actively preparing for the upcoming cold season by securing gas supply contracts with three European companies through tenders. Notably, two of these contracts will mark the first-ever delivery of natural gas to Energocom.

When asked about the specific amount of gas involved, the director of Energocom, Victor Bînzari, emphasized the importance of security and stated that disclosure of the quantities would only be possible after the gas is supplied to the Republic of Moldova. He added that due to certain restrictions and limitations on gas transport capacity, this information cannot be shared at the moment. However, he assured that the gas comes from European traders, with no involvement of companies selling Russian gas.

Energocom remains committed to conducting procurement tenders to ensure an adequate supply of natural gas for consumers during the cold season. The company’s efforts in diversifying supply sources have resulted in a shift away from Russian gas consumption.

In recent months, Energocom has made significant strides in broadening its sources of natural gas. In March, they made their first-ever purchase from the Romanian Commodity Exchange, and in April, they conducted trial purchases of gas and electricity from Greece and Bulgaria.

As part of their ongoing efforts, Energocom revealed plans to procure gas from two companies in Romania and Greece through direct negotiations in June. The natural gas acquired through these processes is stored in warehouses located in Ukraine and Romania.

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