The first agreement to connect a solar park to Montenegro’s electricity transmission system was signed in Podgorica.

An important milestone was reached in Podgorica as the first agreement was signed to connect a massive 385 MW solar park, estimated at a value of approximately 300 million euros, to Montenegro’s power transmission system. This significant development came to fruition with the participation of the executive directors representing the Montenegrin electricity transmission system and MEnergija company.

To embark on this venture, the investor diligently acquired the necessary town planning and technical permits from the government for the construction of the solar park. With the shared vision of harnessing renewable energy sources, this agreement marks a significant step towards a greener future, bringing numerous benefits to both the citizens and the economy of Montenegro.

According to the terms of the agreement, the solar park is expected to be constructed and seamlessly integrated into the power grid by 2027. This ambitious timeline emphasizes the commitment and determination to meet the growing demand for clean energy in the region.

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