Unit 1 of North Macedonia REC Bitola energized, Unit 2 scheduled for maintenance

Unit 1 of REC Bitola has been put into operation since 29.01 afternoon, the plant was synchronized with the North Macedonia electricity system at 17:43 and is supplying electricity, AD ESM informs. Unit 2 is scheduled for maintenance for 10 days.

The unit was planned to be disconnected from the network due to several interventions at different positions in order to increase the stability of the plant. Last year unlike before classic overhauls of the units were not carried out in the summer period which foresee a stoppage of production for at least one month due to the current energy crisis in which the country is. Instead it intervenes in positions determined by experts in the combine when the opportunity for it is indicated or when it is necessary for the sake of preserving the stability of the plants.

They announced that according to the production plan of AD ESM and Subsidiary REC Bitola during the next week Unit 2 of REC Bitola will be stopped for maintenance. Planned activities for Unit 2 include rehabilitation of the power plant will take 10 days.

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