REC Bitola Unit 1 is scheduled to be disconnected

North Macedonia Unit 1 of REC “Bitola” is planned to be disconnected from the power grid due to several intervations which are needed at different levels in the power plant. Scheduled activities will end by Saturday and Unit 1 will be put into operation again this weekend. The activities have been undertaken as planned these days because all other facilities of AD ESM are in operation and produce electricity that fully satisfies the needs of households, small consumers and other facilities in accordance with government obligations according to the announcement from AD ESM.

The largest power plant is REC “Bitola” with its three units of 233 MW each and a net annual production of about 1,200 GWh per block. The plant is a fully rounded multi-unit manufacturing unit. This thermal power plant uses coal as its primary fuel, which has an average calorific value of 1,540 kJ/kg.

Thermal power plant (TPP) Bitola, North Macedonia has been repaired during October 2022. Recently new transformer of Unit 3 REC “Bitola” was installed and already in operation.

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