North Macedonia REK Bitola new transformer on the unit 3 was energized successfully

Unit 3 of REK “Bitola” has been put into operation yesterday afternoon at 17:35 the unit is synchronized with the North Macedonian electrical power grid system.

The installation of the new transformer on the unit 3 was completed successfully, but experts from REK ”Bitola” and from the manufacturer are still monitoring the work of the plant in order for the re-inclusion in the system to go smoothly.

Block 3 of REK “Bitola” is back in operation after 366 days after its transformer was damaged in a fire caused by an external factor in November 2021. Transformer that was damaged in the fire is being repaired in a specialized factory in the Republic of Serbia and it is expected to soon arrive at REK Bitola where it will be kept as a reserve.

With the inclusion of unit 3, REK “Bitola” operates at full capacity. The last time the plant worked with all three units was in 2019/2020 heating season.

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