North Macedonia explores gas partnership with Azerbaijan to enhance energy security

Azerbaijan is interested in supplying North Macedonia with natural gas, but there is a lack of infrastructure to facilitate this, according to Elchin Amirbayov, the special envoy of the President of Azerbaijan. During his recent visit to North Macedonia, Amirbayov highlighted the need for a transmission and distribution network to enable the import and delivery of Azerbaijani gas to homes in the country, similar to the situation faced by Albania. He suggested that discussions between North Macedonia and the European Union could address this issue, as the EU supports the Southern Gas Corridor. Azerbaijan, as a gas supplier, is ready to include North Macedonia in its list of importing countries.

Amirbayov mentioned the successful completion of the Southern Gas Corridor project in 2020, which transports natural gas from Azerbaijan’s part of the Caspian Sea through six countries to Italy and other nations. He expressed Azerbaijan’s willingness to expand the number of countries receiving gas from Azerbaijan, with North Macedonia expressing interest in becoming one of those recipients. Amirbayov also emphasized the potential for economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and North Macedonia, urging more frequent contacts and communication between the authorities and business communities of both countries.

Regarding the arrival of gas from Azerbaijan and its impact on prices, Amirbayov explained that increased gas sources lead to more competition, resulting in lower prices for consumers. He highlighted the importance of knowledge-sharing about economic opportunities and the establishment of a regular channel of communication to enhance trade between the two countries. Amirbayov’s visit to North Macedonia had two primary objectives: strengthening bilateral relations as the thirtieth anniversary of diplomatic relations approaches, and providing information about the ongoing peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, particularly considering North Macedonia’s presidency of the OSCE this year.

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