New biogas plant in Lozovo, North Macedonia powers 4,000 homes with renewable energy and fertilizer production

The biogas plant recently installed in Lozovo, North Macedonia, equipped with two TCG 2020 V12 gas engines, can provide electrical energy to approximately 4,000 households. Construction of the plant commenced on December 12, 2020, and its energy generation began precisely two years later on December 12, 2022.

For this project, MWM gas engines were utilized in their highly efficient 1-MW variant. These engines, fueled exclusively by renewables and organic waste, not only supply 2.1 MW of thermal energy but also generate natural fertilizer as a by-product of the biological processes. The produced fertilizer, amounting to around 30,000 tons per year, can be utilized in regional agriculture. The power plant, an investment by Bio Enterprise, was engineered and executed by the engineers and technical staff of Feroinvest and EMS (Energy Maintenance Solutions). Feroinvest is renowned for its expertise in the renewable energy industry in North Macedonia and beyond.

Typically, biogas is produced through the anaerobic digestion of organic waste materials within a digester. Rather than allowing the waste to decompose in an uncontrolled manner, releasing gases into the atmosphere, it is stored in an oxygen-deprived environment, such as a covered lagoon or steel tank. Methane is then extracted from the material and used as fuel for generating heat or electricity. Biogas plants play a vital role in converting organic waste into energy while also producing usable by-products like fertilizer, thus preventing harm to the environment. Furthermore, biogas plants have the advantage of continuously generating sustainable electricity, which is particularly valuable during the transition to renewable energy.

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