North Macedonia TPP Bitola is operating with it’s three blocks connected to the grid

The State Power Plants’ largest production capacity, TPP “Bitola,” is currently operating with all three grid blocks, as announced by AD “Power Plants of North Macedonia” (ESM).

Furthermore, ESM reports that TPP “Bitola” presently holds approximately 450,000 tons of coals in stock, and there are sufficient coal reserves in the mines to ensure a continuous supply to the thermal power plants.

The company emphasizes its readiness for the upcoming heating season. This was confirmed during a meeting between Vasko Stefanov, the general director of JSC ESM, and Ljubcho Kizhevski, the director of thermal power plant production, with the expert collegium of TPP “Bitola.”

During the meeting, it was stressed that all necessary measures have been implemented across all JSC ESM subsidiaries to guarantee stable domestic electricity production for this year. JSC ESM has prepared a production plan to meet the consumers’ needs and those of the universal supplier, ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply to citizens throughout this heating season, as per ESM’s announcement.

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