Greece and North Macedonia reached agreement for the gas interconnector pipeline

NOMAGAS, a company from North Macedonia, and DESFA from Greece have made the final investment decision for the natural gas interconnector connecting the two countries. Construction is set to commence at the beginning of the next year, as confirmed by DESFA’s Executive Director, Maria Rita Gali. She made this announcement during the Economist conference in Greece, emphasizing the significance of the new export route with North Macedonia.

Yesterday, we reached a final investment decision in partnership with NOMAGAS, marking the official readiness of the project. We plan to initiate construction at the beginning of next year.

revealed Maria Rita Gali, the Executive Director of DESFA.

She also expressed gratitude to Greek institutions and the US Embassy in Greece for their support and efforts.

In the preceding month, NOMAGAS and DESFA inked a contract for supervising the construction. The financing for this supervision and administrative support comes from the WBIF program, with an Investment Grant Agreement signed with the EIB amounting to 2,475.00 euros. NOMAGAS acknowledged that selecting construction supervision is a pivotal step toward expediting the start of the interconnector’s construction.

The natural gas interconnector between North Macedonia and Greece is planned to span 123 kilometers, running from Nea Mesimvria to Negotino via Gevgelija, connecting the two national natural gas transmission systems. The initial capacity will be 1.5 billion cubic meters per year, with the possibility of expansion up to 3 billion cubic meters per year. Extensive studies have been conducted to ensure the gas pipeline meets the necessary specifications for hydrogen transport.

The initial memorandum of understanding was signed between the National Energy Resources (NER) of North Macedonia and the National Gas Transmission Operator of Greece (DESFA) in October 2016. Almost five years later, the two nations reached a political agreement, and in October 2021, the CEOs of both companies signed a cooperation agreement for the development and construction of the natural gas interconnector.

The project is slated for completion in mid-2025.

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