North Macedonia TPP “Negotino” in seventy-day planned maintenance

North Macedonia TPP “Negotino” is not working from 08.04 because of planned seventy-day planned maintenance activities.

Maintenance activities will last for the next 70-75 days.The total consumption of electricity consumption in the Republic of North Macedonia will be fully compensated by the energy capacities of REC “Bitola”, REC “Oslomej” and renewable energy sources, which are available from JSC ESM.

Nebojsa Stojanovic, General Director TPP Negotino

Stojanovic stressed that there will be no problem with electricity. Without downtime, we have been working at full capacity since the beginning of December, until now. Four months without any outages without any downtime. With that we broke a record since the power plant was built. It is also very important that since 2021 when the energy crisis began until now, TPP “Negotino” has not entered into regular maintenance activities for a period of a year and a half and more, Stojanovic added. 

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