North Macedonia REK “Oslomej” disconnected from the electricity grid

After a month of uninterrupted work REC “Oslomej” was disconnected from the electricity system AD ESM announced.

The favorable weather conditions and the good condition in which the production facilities of AD ESM, especially REK ‘Bitola’, are located, made it possible to shut down REK ‘Oslomej’ in order to intervene in several positions in the thermal power plant

said in the press release

AD ESM points out that in the next few weeks in REC “Oslomej” activities are planned for the rehabilitation of mills, condensers, exhaust ducts. The possibility of quickly putting the thermal power plant into operation remains open, depending on the needs of the country’s electricity system.

In the meantime, all other capacities of AD ESM continue to work in order to provide all the necessary amounts of electricity exclusively from domestic production until the end of the heating season, according to the press release.

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