North Macedonia AD ESM begins preparations for next heating season.

In anticipation of the upcoming heating season, AD ESM has initiated preparations to enhance the reliability of its production facilities. Over the next few months, extensive overhauls will be conducted across all plants to ensure the company can generate the necessary electricity quantities.

Currently, REK Bitola operates with three blocks. During the summer months, overhauls will be carried out on Block 1 and Block 2, while the overhaul activities on Block 3 have already been completed. Furthermore, TPP Negotino is undergoing regular maintenance activities.

Remarkably, TPP Negotino, which had been out of operation for 12 years and served as a cold reserve, was successfully reactivated in record time during the 2022/2023 season. Its swift revival made a significant contribution to overcoming the energy crisis that affected both the country and Europe as a whole.

AD ESM recognizes the critical importance of timely facility preparation to ensure uninterrupted, reliable, and increased electricity production. Regular overhaul activities play a vital role in extending the lifespan and ensuring the safe operation of the plants.

Last season, the dedicated employees of JSC ESM demonstrated their ability to face formidable challenges and effectively address the energy crisis. Their commendable efforts enabled citizens to experience an entire heating season without a single day of electricity restrictions.

As AD ESM forges ahead with its preparations, it is evident that their commitment to reliable energy production remains steadfast, ensuring a stable power supply for the region.

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