The largest private photovoltaic power plant in the Balkans has been constructed near Novaci in North Macedonia

Situated just 50 meters from the tailings dump of the Suvodol mine, this power plant, known as FEC Novaci, currently holds the distinction of being the largest in the Balkans. The new facility, set to commence operations by the end of this month, boasts a total capacity of 55 MW and is projected to generate 85,000 MWh of electricity annually, enough to meet the energy demands of 30,000 families. The driving force behind this significant renewable energy project is the domestic company MEJ Energy, specializing in the production and sale of electricity derived from renewable sources. This new FEC represents a substantial economic investment, amounting to 40 million euros, making it a noteworthy addition to the country’s energy landscape. Spanning across 57 hectares, the solar farm comprises 101,062 photovoltaic panels, with over 850,000 meters of various cable types expertly installed. Impressively, the entire construction process, from the commencement of administrative tasks in 2021 to its completion in November 2022, took less than a year. To ensure its success, the project engaged consulting firms and experts with over two decades of experience in power station construction and operation. The entirety of the project’s execution was carried out by Macedonian companies, with equipment procured both internationally and domestically, leveraging the industrial capabilities of the country. FEC Novaci was constructed on entirely private land, adhering to the appropriate construction standards outlined in the law governing photovoltaic power plant construction. The location offers several advantages, including favorable weather conditions characterized by abundant sunny days and convenient connectivity to the 110 kV network. Additionally, its proximity to REC Bitola aligns with EU recommendations for transitioning energy production from conventional power plants to renewable sources by 2030. Plans are underway for the country’s largest electricity producer, which currently relies on coal (whose reserves are dwindling), to shift towards renewable energy production.

According to MEJ Energy, the decision to invest in solar energy production stemmed from the global transition towards renewable energy sources, particularly solar power, during the Green Revolution. The abundance of sunlight in North Macedonia and the growing environmental awareness within the country further fueled this endeavor. This initiative aligns with a strategy aimed at transitioning to renewable energy production and fulfilling the nation’s energy needs from domestic sources. The new photovoltaic power plant represents a significant step in North Macedonia’s transition to cleaner energy sources and the establishment of a climate-resilient economy, a crucial factor for the future. The country’s transformation towards renewable energy sources has already played a pivotal role in realizing the Green Scenario outlined in the Energy Strategy. This strategy, initially planned for completion by 2040, signifies a remarkable shift from a predominantly coal-dependent electricity production to a nation with substantial renewable energy output.

MEJ Energy intends to sell May Energy, generated over a 25-year period, primarily within the domestic market. In cases where domestic demand for electricity is met, any surplus energy will be sold within the region, taking into consideration transmission costs.

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