Nuclear Electric and Beltrame signed a memorandum for small reactors in Romania

Nuclear Electric and Beltrame signed a memorandum of understanding and development of small modular nuclear reactors in Romania.

Romanian Nuclear Electric nuclear power producer and strategic player in energy security and deep decarbonization announced “Memorandum of Understanding” between RoPower Nuclear SA (recently established project company for the development of small modular reactors) and Donalam SRL, part of AFV Beltrame Group, leading European steel producer. The purpose of the memorandum is to explore cooperation and investment opportunities for the development of the first MMR project in Romania.

The announcement of the memorandum comes at a key time when senior government representatives from around the world are meeting under COP 27 to discuss the urgent need to accelerate the clean energy transition.

The small modular reactors will be built in addition to both large nuclear reactors and renewables with the MMR project in Romania envisaging addition of solar generating capacity in the same energy complex. A joint nuclear-renewable solution would not only be an optimal generation capacity with the possibility of output variation but also a vision for the power grid sources of the future.

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