Profine Energy GmbH to build floating PV power plant in Ogosta dam

The German company “Profine Energy GmbH” representatives officially confirmed its interest in a large-scale investment in the construction of a floating solar park in Bulgaria Ogosta dam.

At this moment the investment intention includes the complete repair and restoration of the dam wall of the Ogosta Dam and the construction of a floating solar power plant with a capacity within 500 ÷ 1500 MW ensuring the subsequent long-term operation, maintenance and security of the dam and the solar power plant. The investment is expected to exceed 1 billion euros and the investor is committed to using Bulgarian contractors for the implementation of the large-scale project.

Similar project has not been built in Bulgaria and we need to familiarize citizens with all aspects of its implementation. We must certainly guarantee free access to people as well as preserving the nascent tourism around the dam.

Nikola Stoyanov, Minister of Economy and Industry

Photovoltaics will be located at least 1 km from the dam wall there will also be a serious distance from the coast. Tourism and all economic activities around the dam will not be affected. It will not interfere with the fishermen, people will not even notice it, explained Nikola Stoyanov. According to him, the interest expressed by the investor is for the production of one thousand megawatts, which means that the solar panels would occupy 10 square kilometers of the total area of ​​the dam.

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