Romania OMV Petrom announced a 20MW green hydrogen project

OMV Petrom will invest in a 20MW-green hydrogen project and in new photovoltaic projects totaling around 90MW.

We applied through PNRR for a 20MW green hydrogen production project at Petrobrazi. Also, we are continuing that project started in the past years of installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our stations. We covered 150 stations. We’ll continue this investment. Also, at the end of 2022 we had around 120 electric charging points for cars and we are also continuing this project and want to double their number by year-end. Also, we applied to a European financing project for investments in charging stations

Radu Căprău, OMV Petrom Board

At the same time, the company is also considering large solar projects of its own, apart from the investment that will be made together with CE Oltenia, says Franck Neel, member of the OMV Petrom Board.

We also have our own fields where we want to develop photovoltaic installations. We have the Doljchim site, where we are close to making the final investment decision – of about 80MW. We have another 10MW project, on other fields, even at Petrobrazi. We will continue these projects this year and we are also looking at other activities, which we cannot reveal for now

Franck Neel, member of the OMV Petrom Board.

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