Romania addopted law cut VAT taxes for solars and heat pumps

President Klaus Iohannis promulgated on Thursday, January 12, the law that reduces VAT from 19% to 5% for heat pumps photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels a document initiated by USR deputies Cristina Prună and Adrian Wiener, reported

The law we initiated, which lowers from 19% to 5% the VAT on the supply and installation of photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and solar panels, as well as installation kits, has been enacted. I said it and I repeat it only investments can get us out of this energy crisis. This law will lead to an increase in the number of prosumers at a time when Romania desperately needs an increase in energy production.

Cristina Prună, vice-president of the Industry and Services Commission

What we have seen in the last two years is an acceleration-decentralization trend of energy production. And here we have seen the appearance of an increasing number of prosumers, but also a concern of people to make their thermal energy and hot water production more efficient. And this in the conditions of the current crisis of energy bills when there is this concern of Romanians to make their homes more energy efficient in order to consume less, but also to have lower energy bills. And these heat pumps can represent such an efficient solution for heating or cooling the home. A more economical solution but also friendlier to the environment

said Cristina Prună, in an interview granted to

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