Two new projects in Romania for wind farms with production capacity of 600 MW

The Czech renewable energy producer Rezolv Energy financially supported by the Actis investment fund will build in partnership with the British asset-manager Low Carbon two wind farms in Romania with a combined capacity of up to 600 MW.

The two wind farms will be located in Adamclisi and Deleni near Constanța county and will have a common connection point to the national electric grid. Rezolv acquired a 51% stake in the two parks from Low Carbon the transaction is expected to close in second half of 2023.

The sites will benefit from the region’s exceptional natural wind resources, flat terrain and energy interconnection. Once operational the wind farms will generate enough clean energy to power more than 332, 000 homes and avoid the production of approximately 220, 000 tons of CO2 annually, making a significant contribution to both Romania’s environmental goals and those of the European Union for 2030 and 2050

Rezolv Energy

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