South Korea, Italy and Canada firms will reconstruct unit one of Romania’s Cherna Voda NPP

South Korea’s Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) is partnering with Canada’s Candu Energy and Italy’s Ansaldo Nucleare to revamp the unit one of Cherna Voda Nuclear Power Plant in Romania.

The Cherna Voda NPP houses Candu reactor plants, known for their 30-year service life, which can be extended by an additional 30 years through reconstruction. This involves replacing critical reactor components, including steam generators, pressure systems, and feed pipes, and requires the removal of fuel and heavy water from the reactor. The project includes overhauling thousands of components and replacing 480 fuel channels and 960 feed pipes.

Candu Energy and Ansaldo, original developers of the reactor plant at the Cherna Voda NPP, will lead the design and equipment procurement. KHNP will oversee general construction and infrastructure development. Additional Korean companies, including KEPCO KPS, Doosan Energy, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, and Samsung C&T, will contribute.

Romania’s sole nuclear power plant, Cherna Voda NPP, will witness an extension of its first power unit’s operational life to 60 years. Concurrently, the construction of third and fourth reactor blocks, set to come online in 2030 and 2031, is progressing.

The first power unit’s reconstruction, initiated in 2017, is in its second phase, spanning 2022-2026. The third phase, planned for 2027-2029, involves shutting down and refurbishing unit 1.

This transformative endeavor signifies a significant step for Romania’s energy landscape and the global nuclear industry, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy source for Romania’s future. Stay tuned for updates as this project unfolds.

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