Unit 1 of Romania’s Cernavoda nuclear power plant disconnected from the grid automatically

Nuclearelectrica, the operator of Romania’s only nuclear power plant (NPP) at Cernavoda, announced that one of the unit one disconnected from the grid automatically due to a malfunction in the non-nuclear portion of the unit. This disconnection occurred on the afternoon of August 8 and did not affect the nuclear section of the plant.

Corrective actions will be undertaken in the upcoming days following the specific procedures outlined for such situations at the Cernavoda NPP.Nuclearelectrica added that both the automatic shutdown of Unit 1 and the subsequent remedial work do not pose any risk to the nuclear safety of the reactor, the unit’s personnel, the local population, or the environment.

A press statement will be issued by the company once Unit 1 of the Cernavoda NPP has been successfully reconnected to the grid.

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