Danish Eurowind Energy plans ambitious PV park project in Romania

Danish company Eurowind Energy is preparing for the development of a 70MW photovoltaic (PV) park near the town of Teiuș, Alba County in Romania. This ambitious project, slated to become operational next year, aims to make a significant contribution to the country’s renewable energy sector.

What sets this PV farm apart is its innovative “agrovoltaic” design, which will allow the land to maintain its agricultural functionality even after the installation of solar panels. Upon completion, the 80-hectare site will continue to be accessible to the 130 landowners, enabling them to utilize it for farming activities and providing grazing opportunities for their animals.

With an estimated investment of EUR 50 million, this planned project signifies a substantial commitment to clean energy development. Once operational, the PV park is expected to generate over 102 GWh per year, playing a crucial role in meeting Romania’s renewable energy targets. This capacity would be ten times larger than the combined capacity of Eurowind Energy’s existing solar parks in the country.

As the project progresses, Eurowind Energy will retain ownership of the PV park, further demonstrating their dedication to sustainable energy initiatives in Romania.

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