38 million euros was approved for the modernization of the infrastructure of the natural gas storage in Romania

Romania gas operator of underground natural gas storage facilities Depogaz annouced that it has signed a 37.9 million euro fund agreement with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) to expand the daily extraction capacity within the Bilciuresti deposit.

The project “Increasing the daily extraction capacity within the Bilciurești Deposit – Modernization of the natural gas storage system infrastructure” aims to increase the daily gas delivery capacity from the Bilciurești deposit from 14 million Sm 3 /day to 20 million Sm 3 /day , also correlated with an increase in the storage capacity of 108 million Sm 3 /cycle.

The implementation of the Bilciurești project will contribute to increasing security of supply and market integration, by increasing transport flows and diversifying natural gas resources, both in Romania and at the level of Southeast Europe, as well as by ensuring flexibility in operations and services of balancing the natural gas network, supporting the production of renewable energy.

At the same time, Romania is preparing for the moment when it will start to extract the gas from the Black Sea.

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