Romania CTP and Enel X install a new 1.5 MW PV power station

CTP, the largest owner and developer of industrial and logistics space in Romania, is continuing to invest in green energy through the installation of a 1.5 MW photovoltaic power station at the CTPark Bucharest industrial park in western Bucharest.

The plant will be developed by Enel X Romania, the Enel Group’s global business line offering services to accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition and comprises approximately 3,700 rooftop panels that will provide an average annual production of 2,100 MWh, with priority distribution to its tenants.

We are the first real estate developer with a rooftop PV station in Romania that is already operational. After the plug-in of our first PV installation at CTPark Bucharest West, we are now constructing a new one, this time at CTPark Bucharest. We are matching our investments with the consumption needs of our customers and are starting with a 1.5 MW installation on the roof of the BUCH 10 building. We have opened up a path with our PV installations and are glad others are venturing here as well. Even if they are our competitors, this is the sort of competition we like

Ana Dumitrache, Country Head, CTP Romania.

The photovoltaic plants mounted on the roof represent for this sector a unique opportunity to significantly reduce the impact of its own activities on the environment, being at the same time a good financial investment. CTP’s commitment to renewable solar energy is an important signal for us to develop a strategic, long-term partnership. Moreover, in the current context, in which energy cost efficiency is a priority for any company, we are pleased with their openness to constantly invest in photovoltaic solutions

Daniel Ortiz, General Manager of Enel X Romania.

Located 13 km from Bucharest on the A1 motorway, CTPark Bucharest is the closest CTP park to the Romanian capital and has evolved from large logistics warehouses to smaller last-mile units housing delivery services, ecommerce and retail players in general, thanks to its proximity to the western part of Bucharest which is the most densely populated area of the city. The park is home to a diverse and dynamic range of tenants, from artisan coffee roasters and printers to distributors of agricultural machinery, hardware, cooling and heating systems, roofing, online distributors of cosmetics and medical devices and even manufacturers of rainwater harvesting systems and plasterboard profiles.

CTP announced the construction and installation of its first photovoltaic station in Romania on the rooftops of the company’s buildings at its CTPark Bucharest West industrial park, located 23 km from the capital on the A1 motorway, in spring 2022.

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