Moldova will rely on Romania electricity support

Romania will supply Moldova all electricity needed after separtist region of Transnistria cut off Moldova from Cuciurgan power plant. Romania is now the only major source of electricity for Moldova.

Cuciurgan power station is the largest power producer of Moldova located in Dnestrovsc, Transnistria on Cuciurgan Reservoir bordering Ukraine. It produces almost 85% of Moldova electricity. The power stations has installed capacity of 2.520 GW and its fueled by natural gas, fuel and coal.

The entire amount of energy is procured from Romania, including the amount used to cover the deficit. We have signed contracts with OMV Petrom and Nuclearelectrica. […] It’s the first time that we buy such a large amount of energy from Romania.

Victor Bânzari, the head of Energocom

Moldova has not received any electricity from the Cuciurgan thermal power plant since Tuesday, November 1. The plant is controlled by the Russia-backed separatist region of Transnistria. The government and the separatists have not yet reached an agreement regarding the electricity that is to be delivered in November.

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