Romania Nuclearelectrica will cover 5.5% of the electricity consumption of Moldova from April

Nuclearelectrica will provide 5.5% of the electricity consumption of the Republic of Moldova in April, Energocom, the company appointed by the Chisinau Government to purchase imported gas and energy, being able to purchase, if necessary, additional quantities from the  spot  market from Bucharest.

Before being presented here, the information was announced long before on Profit Insider In April, Energocom will buy electricity from SN Nuclearelectrica SA in a volume of about 17.4 thousand MWh the equivalent of 5.5% of the requirement. The price of one MWh under this contract is 450 lei (approximately 91 euros/MWh). The bulk of the electricity consumed in the Republic of Moldova will also come from the thermal power plant in the Transnistrian region (MGRES).

According to the agreed graphs, approximately 282 thousand MWh are to be purchased from MGRES monthly, which constitutes over 90% of the energy requirement of the right bank of the Dniester.

claims Energocom.

The price paid by Chisinau to Transnistrians is 66 dollars/MWh (60.6 euros/MWh), 7 dollars less than the average of the last four months and a third less than that paid to Nuclearelectrica. In November last year, the Republic of Moldova secured a record percentage, no less than 82% of the electricity needed in Romania , from the spot exchanges operated by OPCOM, but also through bilateral contracts signed with Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, OMV Petrom, CE Oltenia and CE Craiova.

Last year, Energocom concluded for the first time bilateral contracts for the delivery of electricity, without intermediaries, from producers in Ukraine and Romania, and when necessary it also purchased electricity from the spot markets, for the next day and intraday, operated by OPCOM, after previously obtaining a trading license from the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) from Bucharest and opened a branch in Romania.

Regarding the export of electricity, through a recent legislative amendment, producers of electricity from fossil sources in Romania are allowed to charge prices higher than 450 lei/MWh for the current sold in the Republic of Moldova , by adding to this price the costs of the mandatory CO2 certificates to be purchased according to European climate legislation.

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