Romania becomes net exporter of electricity the first quarter of 2023

Romania continues to be a net exporter of electricity in 2023, on the back of reduced consumption and good resources for hydropower plants and wind turbines which compensate for the decrease in the production of coal plants.

Romania’s total electricity production was in January and February 2023 over 10 TWh, and net consumption was almost 8.9 TWh, according to Transelectrica data for the first two months of the year, the last available.

Under these conditions and especially against the background of declining consumption Romania was a net exporter of electricity in the first two months of the year with a positive export-import balance of almost 1.2 TWh according to the same source.

Romania’s energy system traditionally relied on coal plants over the first two months of the year but this year wind plants were especially productive, providing more electricity. According to ANRE data, the installed capacity of coal power plants in Romania is 3.422 MW, while that of wind turbines is 3.014 MW.

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