Romania’s minister of energy and Craiova Power Plant company sign financing agreement for high-efficiency co-generation project as part of national recovery plan

On Thursday, the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, and the general director of the Craiova Power Plant Company, Dan Vasile, signed the financing agreement for the project titled “New Capacities to Produce Electric and Thermal Energy on Natural Gas in High-Efficiency Co-Generation of 295 MW for Societatea Electrocentrale Craiova SA.”

This financing is a part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) – investment measure I.3, milestone 133, which is associated with payment request number 2.

According to a press release from the relevant ministry, which was sent to AGERRPRES, the project’s value is 1.28 billion lei without VAT, and the non-reimbursable financing granted from the PNRR amounts to almost 826 million lei without VAT. The commissioning of the new capacities is scheduled for 2026.

The objective of the project is to establish a new high-efficiency co-generation capacity of 295 MW for the production of electric and thermal energy, replacing the current coal-operated energy capacities. This initiative will also significantly contribute to achieving the goals outlined in the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate Change (PNIESC) 2021-2030. Moreover, it will address the challenges faced by Societatea Electrocentrale Craiova by providing thermal and electrical energy in line with the community’s demands. The investment will ensure a reliable supply of electricity and thermal energy to consumers.

The investment will meet the requirements set forth by the Energy Efficiency Directive concerning overall efficiency, primary energy savings, and the reduction of atmospheric emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants. It will also ensure compliance with the specific emission limit of 250 gCO2/kWh for useful energy produced, as stated in the press release.

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