Rezolv Energy to engineer 1GW PV in Romania

Rezolv Energy company owned by Actis acquired from Romanian Monsson the right for engineering and development the largest PV project in western Romania. The power plant is planned with 1GW power generation capacity.

Our model creates benefits for both the end-users of power, but also the communities where power is generated. We are developing long- term investment programs hand-in-hand with communities. This ensures a positive legacy nationally, as well as locally, from the growth of renewables

Alastair Hammond, Chief Operating Officer, Rezolv Energy

The project in Romania is one of the largest planned solar plants. Construction is scheduled to start in 2023 and will end by the end of 2025. At its launch in August, Rezolv announced that it signed similar agreements for the development of two wind projects in Romania with a combined capacity of 1GW.

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